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Windows Certification Newsletter - November 6, 2012

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Linking your device to your app

Now that Windows® 8 is hitting the marketplace, more partners are beginning to grasp the potential of the Windows Store apps that are connected to your device. Although the experience is simple and seamless for end users, the process to create this linkage requires attention to details. We're finding that metadata submissions are failing because of minor issues.

The white paper "Windows Store Device App Lifecycle" details the .xml files that are needed to make the linkage, how to test the app and .xml files, and how to submit packages properly.

For help with Windows Store apps, check the forum or contact CSS.

Download the white paper: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/hardware/hh833785

Please join us in our online forum

We'd like to invite you to the brand new Windows Hardware Testing and Certification forum on MSDN.

The forum is a place for engineers testing and certifying Windows hardware, drivers, and systems to share knowledge, get questions answered, and learn from shared experiences. To begin leveraging the collective knowledge of the community, just post a question on your topic of interest.

The forums are public, so please don't post questions or comments about prerelease versions of the Hardware Certification Kit. As with all other online discussions, be mindful of your privacy — never post info that can personally identify you, like your email address or company name.

We monitor the forum, so if you have any suggestions or feedback for us on the kit, tests, or certification process, please feel free to post that, too!

Logos posted for Windows 8 specific hotkeys

Special Windows hotkeys now have logo assets associated with them. The addendum for use of Windows 8 hotkey glyphs is optional for signing and enables you to use the Windows glyphs for hotkeys. Note that you must sign the addendum if you intend to use these glyphs. You can use the glyphs right away upon signing. The glyphs will also be integrated into the next release of the Logo Licensing Agreement (LLA).

For more info and access to the Windows 8 hotkey glyphs, email WHQLegal@microsoft.com.

Brightness control for Windows 8 to be implemented via WDDM

OEMs that use an Embedded Control (EC) design to control brightness via ACPI may not pass certification and should move to a PWM design going forward. Implementing brightness control via WDDM enables the delivery of great experiences to customers and provides more flexibility to make changes. This change will help drive a consistent implementation and experience. However, we understand that removing EC design for brightness control constitutes a hardware requirement change. OEMs who are currently using EC should email LogoFB@microsoft.com for a waiver. The Windows 8 brightness requirements are published in the Microsoft WDDM requirements documents.

HCK 2.0 RTM release is required for submissions as of November 15

We'd like to remind our partners that starting November 15, 2012, submissions to the Hardware Dashboard must use the Release to Market (RTM) version of the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (Windows HCK). The HCK Release Preview is being retired on that date. Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.6 can still be used for Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows Server® 2003, and Windows Server® 2008 R2 submissions until 90 days' notice is given.

Download Windows HCK 2.0 RTM: http://msdn.microsoft.com/windows/hardware/hh852359

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