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public methodCopyToCopies the data in this Windows Azure drive to a new page blob.
public methodCreateCreates a single-partition, NTFS-formatted Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) page blob to back the Windows Azure drive.
public methodDeleteDeletes the page blob associated with this Windows Azure drive and all data that it contains.
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public methodstaticGetMountedDrivesReturns a mapping of drive letters for mounted drives to page blob URIs for the current role instance.
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public methodstaticInitializeCacheInitializes the optional read cache for any subsequently mounted drives associated with the role instance.
public methodMountMounts a Windows Azure drive and returns a drive letter for the drive on the local file system.
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public methodSnapshotCreates a snapshot of the page blob associated with this Windows Azure drive.
public methodToString  (Geerbt von Object)
public methodUnmountUnmounts the drive and releases any lease associated with it.

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