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Starts the current service in the Windows Azure compute emulator. Optionally launches the service in a web browser.


Start-AzureEmulator [-Launch]

Detailed Description

Run Start-AzureEmulator from anywhere in the service directory to start the current service in the Windows Azure compute emulator. Using the compute emulator, you can test the service locally before you deploy the service to Windows Azure. This cmdlet also starts the Windows Azure storage emulator, which you can use to test storage locally if your application will use Windows Azure storage services.

If the service contains a web role, you can include the -Launch parameter to open the web role in a browser.

After you update the service definition file (.csdef) or service configuration file (.cscfg) of a service that you are testing locally in the compute emulator, you must run Start-AzureEmulator again to redeploy the service with the configuration updates. That is not required for updates to the server.js and web.config files, which the compute emulator renders instantly.

Start-AzureEmulator performs a new deployment and removes any previous deployment to the compute emulator.



Parameter Description


Opens a web browser and then opens the web role in the browser. By default, the service starts, but the web role is not opened in a browser.


Run the MyService service in the Windows Azure compute emulator, and open the web role in a browser:

PS C:\node\MyService> Start-AzureEmulator -Launch

Creating local package...
Starting Emulator...
Role is running at

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