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Step 2: Generate the Schema for the Flat-file Message

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As described in the business scenario, Fabrikam sends a flat file message to Contoso. For Contoso, to process the message using the Brücke, it must have the schema of the flat-file message added to the BizTalk Services solution. BizTalk Services SDK provides a Flat File Schema Wizard that generates a flat-file schema using an existing flat-file instance message. Contoso uses the flat-file message instance message that it received from Fabrikam (out of band, over e-mail or through another medium) and then uses the Flat File Schema Wizard to create the schema. For instructions on how to use the wizard, see How to Use the Flat File Schema Wizard.

For this tutorial, let us assume that a flat-file message (ORDERS.txt) is sent to Contoso. Contoso uses the Flat File Schema Wizard and generates the PO.xsd flat-file message schema. Both the instance message as well as the message schema is provided as part of the download available from Add the PO.xsd schema to the BizTalk Services project you created earlier.

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