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Containers for ActiveX Controls

You can use ActiveX controls developed in Visual C++ in other applications, as long as they support ActiveX control containment. A number of Microsoft applications, beginning with the versions listed, support ActiveX control containment.


The following list is not a complete list of applications that support ActiveX controls but represents the set used most often in testing:

Applications that support ActiveX control containment include:

  • Internet Explorer 3.x and greater

  • Visual Basic 4.x and greater

  • Visual C++ 4.x and greater

  • Access 95 and greater

  • Excel 97 and greater

  • Word 97 and greater

  • Access 97 and greater

  • FrontPage 97 and greater

  • PowerPoint 97 and greater

  • Visual InterDev 97 and greater

The following are non-Microsoft applications that support ActiveX control containment:

  • PowerBuilder

  • Delphi

  • C++ Builder

  • NCompass Plug-in for Netscape Navigator

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