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How to make your device HealthVault compatible

This guide gives you the information you need to make your device compatible with HealthVault.  It includes guidelines on how to create a driver and list your device in the HealthVault Device Directory on and in HealthVault Connection Center.

What is a HealthVault enabled device?

Microsoft HealthVault is a personal health platform that lets consumers gather, store, and share health information online. You can use it to store health information obtained from providers, health plans, pharmacies, and uploaded from HealthVault enabled devices – including yours! With HealthVault, users can share their health information with family, friends, and health care professionals, and have access to trustworthy online health management applications.

There are many different types of HealthVault enabled devices today some of which are fitness watches, pulse oximeters, blood pressure devices, peak flow meters, weight/body composition scales, and pedometers.  The HealthVault team encourages the addition of new device types and different varieties of the current device types.

Learn how your device may fit into the HealthVault ecosystem.

How to connect your device to HealthVault

Manufacturers wishing to connect their devices to a PC to upload data to HealthVault must develop a driver that is compatible with HealthVault Connection Center (HVCC). HVCC is an application that runs on a Windows PC and manages the data exchange between the device and HealthVault.

The HealthVault Device Driver Development Package contains the necessary documentation, samples, and tools to help you develop your driver. If you would like some help developing your driver, please browse the HealthVault Consultant Directory. The HealthVault team does not provide technical assistance for device driver development. Learn about support options for developing device drivers for Windows.

How to add your device to the HealthVault Device Directory

Once you have completed the steps above, you will probably want to include your device in the HealthVault Device Directory and in the HealthVault Connection center driver list. The HealthVault Device Directory contains a list of devices that are compatible with HealthVault and is a great way for you to showcase your device. HealthVault Connection Center provides a list of drivers that the consumer can choose to install.

To submit your device to the HealthVault Device Directory, please fill out an Application for HealthVault Device Directory form and send it to

Tools and Resources

Learn how your device may fit into the HealthVault ecosystem

Application for HealthVault Device Directory

HealthVault Driver Development Package

HealthVault Web site

Microsoft führt eine Onlineumfrage durch, um Ihre Meinung zur -Website zu erfahren. Wenn Sie sich zur Teilnahme entscheiden, wird Ihnen die Onlineumfrage angezeigt, sobald Sie die -Website verlassen.

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