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Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions Available for Download

Visual Studio 2008


Download the Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions Now!

Follow these easy steps to download your FREE version of the Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions.

Step 1: Make sure you're ready!

Check to make sure your computer meets the System Requirements for Installing Visual Studio Express 2005.

Before installing, you must uninstall any previous Beta, CTP or Tech Preview versions of SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, and the .NET Framework 2.0.

Step 2: Download and Install

Depending on the types of projects you want to create, choose the most appropriate tool to download from among the various Express Editions.




An easy to use environment for dynamic Web application development.

Select a Language




Productivity that is ideal for first time or casual Windows programming.

Select a Language





A powerful and easy-to-use database to complement each Express Edition.





A great combination of power and productivity for the Windows developer.

Select a Language




Horsepower with a finer degree of control than other Express Editions.

Select a Language




Ideal for those with prior Java-language experience or learning the Java language.

Step 3: Download Additional Components


Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions 2005 Service Pack 1

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 continues Microsoft's investment in market leading development tools. Service Pack 1 addresses issues that were found through a combination of customers and partner feedback, as well as internal testing. The issues addressed range in severity from places where the syntax coloring was incorrect to customer reported crashes in various scenarios. In some areas, more than 50% of the bugs addressed were reported by customers through the MSDN Product Feedback Center and Microsoft Connect. Overall, Service Pack 1 offers customers improvements in responsiveness, stability and performance for Visual Studio 2005.

Read the Visual Studio Express Editions 2005 Service Pack 1 Release Notes »

Download Visual Web Developer 2005 Express SP1 »
Download Visual Basic 2005 Express SP1 »
Download Visual C# 2005 Express SP1 »
Download Visual C++ 2005 Express SP1 »
Download Visual J# 2005 Express SP1 »


Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update for Windows Vista

The release of the Windows Vista operating system represents a significant opportunity for developers to build the next generation of applications that deliver compelling user experiences. We want to help you take advantage of this opportunity and assist you in developing and delivering Windows Vista based software faster, more cost effectively, and with greater impact than ever before.

Download Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update for Windows Vista »


Reporting Add-In for Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express

The Reporting Add-In enables you to create interactive real-time data reports for your ASP.NET Web applications. The Reporting Add-in includes a ReportViewer control, an integrated report designer, and a comprehensive API that lets you customize run-time functionality. The Reporting Add-In is the same reporting component that is included with other editions of Visual Studio, but without support for Windows Forms applications. For more information, see the ReportViewer Controls (Visual Studio) topic on MSDN.

Download »


The Microsoft Platform SDK for Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express

In order to use Visual C++ Express to build Win32 applications and leverage the powerful set of core Windows API components, you'll need to download and install the Microsoft Platform SDK.

Instructions »

Step 4: Register!

After you download the Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions and install the software, you should register the product.

Why register? You'll need to get your registration key. Additionally, you'll get a lot of free stuff including royalty-free images from Corbis, online training from Microsoft Learning, E-books from Microsoft Press and more. Learn more about registration benefits and read the Registration Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Need Help?

If you experience problems when you download any of the Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions or when you install the software, please check the following respources:


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