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BizTalk Adapter Service

Updated: November 21, 2013

The BizTalk Adapter Service feature allows an application in the cloud to communicate with a Line-of-Business (LOB) system on-premise, in your network, behind your firewall. Using the LOB adapters in the BizTalk Adapter Pack (BAP), a BizTalk Adapter Service application can execute LOB operations to the following on-premise LOB systems:

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Oracle Database

  • Oracle E-Business Suite

  • SAP

  • Siebel eBusiness Applications

Consider this scenario:

There is an on-premise SQL Server that stores Customer data, including Name, Shipping Address, Order History, and Payment Methods. You want to develop a purchasing application. When the order is being placed, this application retrieves the Name, Shipping Address, Order History, and Payment Methods from this SQL Server database. The goal is to host the application in the cloud and have it retrieve the customer data from this on-premise SQL Server.

BizTalk Adapter Service is your answer. You continue to maintain your on-premise SQL Server and allow the cloud to host your application. You can execute any LOB operation, like DELETE, INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, from your cloud application.

BizTalk Adapter Service provides the following benefits:

  • Cost effective: There are no individual relay endpoints in the cloud.

  • Supports a mix of systems: You can connect a cloud application to an on-premise LOB system with the BizTalk Adapter Pack.

  • Maintenance: You continue to host your on-premise LOB system while the application is hosted in the cloud.

  • Flexibility: Execute a LOB operation in your table structure.

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