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Bookmarks Commands (Edit Menu)

Last modified: December 06, 2011

Applies to: Office 2013 | VBA

Displays a menu that you can use to create or remove placeholders in the Code window, move to the next or preceding bookmark, or clear all of the bookmarks. Bookmarks mark lines of code so that you can easily return to them at a later time.

When you add a bookmark, a wbkmark_ZA01201807 appears next to the line of code where the bookmark is inserted.

Toggle Bookmark

Toggles a bookmark on or off.

Toolbar button: tbr_tbmk_ZA01201753

Next Bookmark

Moves the insertion point to the next bookmark.

Toolbar button: tbr_nxtb_ZA01201717

Previous Bookmark

Moves the insertion point to the previous bookmark.

Toolbar button: tbr_prvb_ZA01201729

Clear All Bookmarks

Removes all bookmarks.

Toolbar button: tbr_clrb_ZA01201687

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