View Object (Publisher)

Contains the view attributes (show all, field shading, table gridlines, and so on) for a window or pane.

Use the ActiveView property to return the View object. The following example specifies the zoom setting.

Sub ZoomFitSelection() 
 ActiveDocument.ActiveView.Zoom = pbZoomFitSelection 
End Sub

The following examples zoom in and out, respectively, on the active view.

Sub ViewZoomIn() 
End Sub 
Sub ViewZoomOut() 
End Sub

The following example scrolls the active view to the specified shape.

Sub ScrollToShape() 
 Dim shpOne As Shape 
 Set shpOne = ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(1) 
 ActiveDocument.ActiveView.ScrollShapeIntoView Shape:=shpOne 
End Sub
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