FindReplace Object (Publisher)

Represents the criteria for a find operation. The properties and methods of the FindReplace object correspond to the options in the Find and Replace dialog box.

When the ReplaceScope property is set to pbReplaceScopeOne or pbReplaceScopeAll, the ReplaceWithText property must be set to avoid the text from being replaced with the default value of an empty String for that property.

Use the Find property to return a FindReplace object. The following example selects the next occurrence of the word "factory".

With ActiveDocument.Find 
 .FindText = "factory" 
End With

Set the ReplaceScope property to determine the extent of the search. The following example replaces the first occurrence of the name "Visual Basic Scripting Edition" with "VBScript".

With ActiveDocument.Find 
 .FindText = "Visual Basic Scripting Edition" 
 .ReplaceWithText = "VBScript" 
 .ReplaceScope = pbReplaceScopeOne 
End With

The following example illustrates how the font attributes of the FoundTextRange can be accessed when ReplaceScope is set to pbReplaceScopeNone.

Dim objFindReplace As FindReplace 
Set objFindReplace = ActiveDocument.Find 
With objFindReplace 
 .FindText = "important" 
 .ReplaceScope = pbReplaceScopeNone 
 Do While .Execute = True 
 If .FoundTextRange.Font.Italic = msoFalse Then 
 .FoundTextRange.Font.Italic = msoTrue 
 End If 
End With

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