CustomLayouts Object (PowerPoint)

Represents a set of custom layouts associated with a presentation design.

Use the CustomLayouts property of the slide Master object to return a CustomLayouts collection. Use CustomLayouts(index), where index is the color scheme index number, to return a single CustomLayout object.

Use the Add method to create a new custom layout and add it to the CustomLayouts collection. Use the Paste method to past slides from the Clipboard as a CustomLayout object into the CustomLayouts collection.

Use the CustomLayout property of a Slide or SlideRange object to return a custom layout for a slide or set of slides.

The following example adds a custom layout to the slide master of the active presentation.

Sub AddCustomLayout()

    With ActivePresentation.SlideMaster

        .CustomLayouts.Add (1)

        .CustomLayouts(1).Name = "MyLayout"

    End With

End Sub

The following example displays the name of the custom layout for the first slide of the active presentation.

MsgBox ActivePresentation.Slides(1).CustomLayout.Name
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