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CustomXMLValidationErrors Object (Office)

Represents a collection of CustomXMLValidationError objects.

The following example adds a custom part and then adds a child node to that part. Any errors that occur are added to the CustomXMLValidationErrors collection and then displayed in the Debug window.

Dim ValErrors As CustomXMLValidationErrors 
Dim ValError As CustomXMLValidationError 
Dim cxp1 As CustomXMLPart 
Dim intError As Integer 
On Error Go To validation_error 
 With ActiveDocument 
    ' Add and populate a custom xml part 
    set cxp1 = .CustomXMLParts.Add "<invoice>" 
    ' Add a node 
    cxp1.AddNode "<quantity>", "supplier", "urn:invoice:namespace" 
 End With 
If ValErrors.Count > 0 then 
   For Each ValError In ValErrors 
      DeBug.Print("Error name: " & ValError.Name & " Error description: " & ValError.Text)  
End If 
Exit Sub 
   CustomXMLValidationErrors.Add(ValError.Name, ValError.Text)) 

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